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April 24, 2009

Posted by: admin

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Comments (15)

  1. Bill Crowley says:

    UR Inquiry into the $134 Billion Bearer Bonds seized by Italians from Japanese “couriers”. Find out if the Japanese were released and if on bond or because no charges. If no charges and the Itialians are not claiming 10% based on Italian Law then the bonds are real, the Japanese Government was involved, as well as the US which was notified by the Italians. If the Italians are not pursuing their 10% you know it was a governmental secret and the Dollar is on the verge of collapse. Case Closed.

  2. Carmib09 says:

    I am glad this Sick Twisted Freak is out there telling us like it is. He does it in his unique Glenn Beck fashion, just like his outfits…. Please keep up the great reporting!!!

  3. joseph says:

    i love glenn becuse he tells it like it is anybody see that rush interview

  4. opvette says:

    Glenn & Fox News are the only ones reporting out loud what middle America is thinking. Glenn has a great research team & it shows in the programming content each night. Why aren’t CNN, MSNBC, ABC, NBC or CBS news reporting any of these stories?

  5. Jill says:

    We should all feel lucky that someone like Glenn Beck is willing to speak the truth about what is going on in this country. The other news channels do not inform the public of what is really happening. Why do people not like honesty?

  6. cindy says:

    Its about time that people like glenn beck are telling us the truth and what we need to know

  7. tweetmom703 says:

    Wake up people! We are losing our freedoms! Freedom of Speech! Freedom to choose our doctors and treatment! We are THE PEOPLE. Remember?

  8. Michael Hutton says:

    Our country is at the point of its greatest challenge. We are at a point of crucial decision and that decision will determine whether the America of the future will be a ‘Land of the Free and Home of the Brave’. But it will only be the ‘land of the free’ if it is ‘the home of the brave. And we must, as a nation, understand our call to bravery and act with clear resolve. We got to where we are because we lost our moral compass and became a nation focused on greed and self-promotion. We allowed the Wall Street fat cats, the politicians, the CEOs, the heads of Unions, and many others, to hijack and sell the American dream. And it happened while we were engaged in frivolous lawsuits, stealing form work, cheating on our taxes, lying on mortgage applications and generally being preoccupied with “getting paid”.
    This country became great because of the will and the character of those who came before us. Those men and women who sacrificed and saved for future generations and who acted with character and honesty showed that a nation and a culture built on principles of goodness and generosity would prosper beyond any that had ever existed before it. But we have, in one generation, lost all sense of the principles and character that made this country great. And as the problems have mounted, rather than looking at ourselves for the solutions, we want to look to the Federal Government (the one we created contrary to the wishes and design of the authors of the Constitution) to legislate morality and dictate how we should act and think because we have no faith in ourselves or in each other any more. And why should we?
    Health Care and its costs are the current topic of debate. We all understand that there are gigantic costs in Health Care due to many non-health related issues. Legal liability is probably the greatest one. How much cost is layered into the system because doctors and hospitals MUST perform extensive tests in order to ensure they will not be found negligent? How much cost is there in all of the liability insurance that must be paid? Add on top of that the greed reflected in extraordinary profit structures in the medical industry and you begin to understand that everything costs many times what it needs to. But this illustration shows us where the problem is. It is a loss of integrity in our culture and the loss of a moral compass that should guide us all to act with reason and a sense of the common good.
    So we see the corruption and the devastation it has caused to our economy and we all out for a bigger government to protect us… from ourselves! But we must understand that when power is centralized evil men will take it. And when they do they will enslave us. Unless we can rediscover the meaning of true bravery in America it will continue to decay. We see a ‘them and us’ mentality developing again in this nation. Those are the seeds of revolution and civil war!
    We must begin to have a dialogue about what is really killing America. It is not the left or the right. It is not our greedy and foolish leaders. It is the fact that we’ve forgotten how to be the ‘Home of the Brave’.

  9. esandrunner says:
    CPUSA comments are Yes, socialism is our objective and, according to recent public opinion polls, it is increasingly attractive to the American people.Beck check it out.

  10. Sheryl Cox says:

    Any advertisers not willing to stand behind FOXnews and Glenn Beck are just cowards and should be fired by their clients. Their advertisers are hurting them by denying free enterprise in their position!

  11. Eric Spindler says:

    I agree with Sheryl Cox.
    Esandrunner, if this is your opinion, I respect that, but I will ask you one thing:
    If you come home from work one day and your house is filled with bums and people you do not know, will you be happy to share all you have worked for in your life with those who had no part in bringing it about?
    That is Socialism…share the wealth – even if you didn’t earn or deserve it.
    Now, if you wish to help the LEGITIMATELY unfortunate people, then set time aside to volunteer at a local soup kitchen, drug rehab center, or the like. Perhaps join a volunteer group to collect donations to bring local carpenters to a run-down neighborhood…get the locals together and as a group, renew the neighborhood, and perhaps give a bunch of people the motivation to get back on thier feet!
    Socialism is a forced-upon-us program. ONce you have ‘voted’ it into efffect, you have simply relilnquished your ’say’ in what transpires from that moment on.
    Do you REALLY want that?
    Are you so feeble that you want someone to tell you how to live?
    That is certainly not the America I have envisioned.
    We used to be called the “UNITED States of America”…now we are just “America”…why?
    Perhaps because those in control wish for us not to envision ourselves as a unified Country. They would rather throw things out there that cause strife and rifts between us all.
    DId you notice how the ‘Olympics’ got headlined, while in the background we are losing troops in the Middle East?
    Priority problems sure shows me that when it comes to the socialist deal, we citzens will have little or no impact on governmental decisions…all we are is money-generators…the proletariat.
    Anyone who dismisses Beck’s input is gong to become a victim of their own inaction.

  12. conservative bob says:

    Well said Mr Hutton.

    As for your comments esanddrummer, what polls do you monitor? Must be conducted by polling MSNBC viewers.

  13. MzGrizz54 says:

    You can call Glenn Beck a lot of things, but boring isn’t one of them !

  14. stanG says:

    We want a balance between powers, primarily because people can’t be trusted with it. Limited Federal Government was intened to prevent the same kinds of problems that the founders rebelled against. That is a Powerful government needing more money, and taxing for it abusively. It seams that we have come full circle. Now we have a hungry government which can’t even control its spending, even after increasing the tax, creating a cycle of dependancy much like existed in the 1700 with the American colonies.

    We do want to have order and reasonable laws to aid in keeping order and manageing the elments of mans own tendancy to infringe on another, this includes busines. But when these law infringe on the good nature of people to purse their own lives, This is abuse of power. It slants effects to political gains of power and has deminishing returns.

    The freedoms we have do not make every one wealthy. It does allow you to take your own course, even though it may be tragic. Generally though Free enterprise has had Positive building returns (opposed to deminishing), giving more to government, more to charity, more to quality of life enven to those who chose to do nothing.

    Government has done poorly in managing. The poor nature creates a vacume calling on fixes which seams to want to chase good money after bad. We really need Fiscal reform. Get that done!

    Currently this health bill, the Stimulus bill, any jobs bill is designed to make things look rosey for a bit to make you think, this is the way to go. Many folks will bite. Examles are states were given money go expand medicade, but will not be able to sustain, which will create another vacume people will demand a fix. This was by design. The current progressive thinking to get you high on this injection, making you want more. This has deminsing returns and will ultimately lead to crisis after crisis. If I remember history tells us this is how many countries fell prey to hostile takeovers.

    We must take note. Do not fall into this trap. Say no to bailouts of any kind. Pay your own debt.

    The biggest reform we need now is to make government fiscally responsible, we need to allow States to intervene on issues going wrong, including being able to recall senators and making sure they have a quarum to enble them to work otherwise shutting them down. We need to ensure our electied official believe in the limiting nature of the constituion first. Then they can talk about issues. It should be made criminal for a politicial to promise something and then it turns out to be false, all of them. There should be a provision in the actions taken, that enforces the promise. I believe that we need to make all laws have to be reviewed by the Supreme court for Constituionality before it can be Law. The States can create amendmants to get some of these reforms, they just need 32 states to get this on the ticket.

    1. Term limits for Congressman
    2. Manditory review of Legislation by Supreme court.
    3. Fiscal management. Debt controls/Mandates.
    4. Recall of Senators by the states, and Petition of voters for Representatives.
    5. Make it clear that the Constitution must be interprested as a limiting document
    6. Clearify the Commerce provision.
    7. Criminal provision for conspiracy to circumvent the limits of the constition.

  15. Glenn Beck is the best! Anyone who critizes him doesn’t pay attention. He is helping us learn the principals we need to get back too. I’m 54 years old and he has reminded me of the history I learned in school. Thank you Glenn! I watch your show everyday and will continue to do so. Like Bill O’reilly told you don’t let those pinheads get to you. Bill is great too. Let him know that.

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