Photos: The Road to “America’s First Christmas”

Glenn finally arrived in Wilmington, OH last night after a whirlwind book tour of Ohio. George Lange, Glenn’s photographer, documented Glenn’s arrival with stops at The Murphy Theater, Sugartree Ministry, local restaurants, and the gorgeous General Denver Hotel.

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Soros’ Media Matters burned by their own illogical logic

Remember how Media Matters spent the last couple of years trying to paint Glenn and the Tea Party as dangerous? And when one lone nut job started shooting, they solely blamed Glenn for it? Well, the fine folks over at MMFA must be on vacation or something, because they haven’t said a word about the Florida gunman who opened fire at a school board meeting — and was a huge fan of Media Matters. Clearly it’s not their fault, the guy was a lone nut job. But if you use Media Matters own standards, they should turn themselves into the police…

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Glenn Beck: The True Meaning of Christmas

Finding the true meaning of Christmas in Wilmington, Ohio


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America’s First Christmas — Watch Live on Insider Extreme

Can’t make it to Wilmington, Ohio? Don’t worry, Insider Extreme has you covered!

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These are a few of Glenn’s favorite things…

Glenn tried to name all of the favorite things on TV tonight, but he couldn’t fit it all into an hour of TV. Rather than shorten the list and go with his FAVORITE favorite things, he wanted to make sure he included everything. So here’s the list.

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Glenn Beck: Soros update

Yeah, pretty much everything you thought. They’re openly talking about revolution.

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Glenn Beck: 15 year old radical in London

Yesterday Glenn played the audio of a very articulate (and very frightening) 15 year old from London, who was talking about the riots in London. Had Glenn asking on TV last night – where are our 15 year olds? The ones defending the Republic? Glenn got the answer on radio today and reads the amazing letter he received from a 15 year old student who gets it.

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Michelle Obama: Obesity a national security threat

Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity kick continues, and she must be aware that people aren’t really a fan of being told what to eat because she admits it’s the parents responsibility to teach their kids how to eat properly. But she’s still going to push her nanny state ideas anyway. While calling obesity a national security threat, she explains her plans going forward to fight obesity through the government. Glenn has audio and reaction on radio today.

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Arianna Huffington ‘confused’ by Glenn Beck

Seemingly contradicting herself, Arianna Huffington said recently that Glenn is ‘confusing’ but entertaining. How can he be both? That’s actually kind of confusing. Glenn has the audio of Arianna trying to get to the bottom of the big mystery (in her mind) that is Glenn Beck.

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