Glenn Beck Brings up Another Nazi Reference

Glenn Beck is infatuated with comparing everything the government does today to Nazi Germany. He even somehow found a way to do it with the direction of healthcare. Beck asked the question how many times are we going to watch Europe goose-step before we stop listening to them.

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July 16, 2009

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  1. Pierre C. LeMaster, M.D. says:


    I am currently using a DVD from the Teaching Company titled: “The History of Hitler’s Empire”. Here is a short piece I entered on the C4p site.


    I am currently taking a DVD course from the Teaching Company titled: “A History of Hitler’s Empire”.

    In the untroduction , the professor posed several questions, and it would be easy to substitue the name Barak Obama,The Obama Administration, or Democratic Majority, to ask the same questions today:

    1. What did the Germans think they were getting when they voted National Socialist? (Substitute Democratic)

    2. What did they seem to stand for? Substitute Democratic and Obama Administration.

    After the National Socialists (Substitue Democratic Majority) , these questions:

    3. How were the Nazis (Substitue Democratic Majority and Obama Administration) able to establish the foundations of a totalitarian regime in such a short time in Europe?

    4. Why was there apparantly so little resistance?

    5. What made the Regime (Substitute Obama Administration) popular at home?

    6. How were the Nazis (Substitute Obama Administration and Democratic Majority) able to seize control of the press (MSM), the radio (Substitute TV and Internet), the courts ( Substitute Supreme Court and Lower Court appointments), and the police (taking away the right to bear arms) with so little trouble?

    The professor went on to ask two very important questions:…

    7. Could this happen again in Europe or the United States of America?

    8. Will there be resistance here?

    There are certainly some parallels and we conservatives must give them serious thought and action. Time is of the essence for the Obama Administration is moving rapidly to implement many of the above and it is only the unknowing public that is letting it happen.

    All of us need to pray for wisdom and guidance as to how we must fight against this.

    Pierre C. LeMaster,M.D.

    ps ….the lectures were given in 2001

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