Glen Beck Sarah Palin

Glenn Beck talks about the financial crisis and the wisdom of Alaska under (Governor Palin’s direction) vs. the stupidity of progressive states like California

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July 11, 2009

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  1. LtColDaddy says:

    I really admire and support Sarah Palin. Can’t make any claim that she is the worlds greatest expert on anything, but a lot of her ideas seem to really make sense to me. Such as lower taxes, smaller government, a strong national defence. Nobody is a jack of all trades, that’s why our government has specialized advisors for every possible situation. What an executive does is manage those people and field useful advice in order to set policy and make decessions.

    I can tell ya that as an MBA/CEO/ and a person who has commanded various sized units in the military, their IS NO WAY OUT of this debt. They could “put the money back” that they havn’t spent yet, but they won’t. They won’t even put back what’s being paid back by the companies we bailed out.

    At my little consulting / business services firm we have dedicating most of our resources to showing other businesses how to keep revenue off the books, how to palm as much cash as they can, how to keep what is theirs.

    The guy who owns the automobile repair shop maintains the fleet for a construction company, that construction company puts a new roof on the repair shops owners personal home. A company takes in a lot of cash, at various times through out the day punch out some “refunds” and stick that money (it’s yours anyways) in your own pocket.

    Hey I myself am shooting up 5 hourses, one is going to be my own liver, but I’ll guarantee you the cost of my house will be mostly packed into the prices of the other 4, and I won’t make any money on them. Then I’ll show a sale of my liver to my daughter for a loss as well!

    Just in the past 90 days my tiny little 5 man plus me firm has “consulted” for our clients and shot a lot of taxable money so f-ing far into the underground that they will never find it. The economy is going underground folks, get used to it.

    You can knock on my door and say you need a little $ so you can pave the roads and fund the military and I’m fine with that, but when you go to the extent these guys are going, and shove a gun through the door demanding more money to hand it out to other people who made bad choices, to fund the saving of some almost extinct ancient sperm beetle, I’m firing back with my own kind of bullets. THIS IS WAR.

    They don’t realize the blow back higher taxes is going to have on our tax revenue. It’s not just less capitol reinvested in the economy, it’s huge sums of money pulled off the books. People don’t mind stealing from a thief.

  2. the government keeps printing money and soon the dollar may be just 35 cents. even at that i am trying to collect 100 dollar bills to cusion my matress. what the govt dosnt know cannot possibly do them any harm. they are trying to give all of our money to the have nots. why cant the have nots just go to work

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