The Proud American Will Go Into Slavery Without A Fight!

Glenn Beck comments on the PRAVDA article…

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June 2, 2009

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  1. Laura Orr says:

    ‘Americans now are like pigs at the trough at feeding time”, says my hubby. As long as you have the corn in front of them, you can do ANYTHING to them even castration! Do you think we have gone that far? We do seem to be powerless over our futures and allow politicians to take our lives away while we are waiting for our nexgt entitlement!

  2. I’m 77 yo, used to get angry but no more. So I know they (liberals) always get away with it anyway. I’ve turned it over to God because I know He can’t be mocked; I know the end and it isn’t profitable for liberals or what they are doing to the country I served in 1951

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