News Hounds: Glenn Beck Embarks On Another ACORN Smearathon

Glenn Beck must still be feeling the sting of his epic fail at Wednesday night’s ACORN party. Last night (6/19/09), he ramped up the attacks on the party-goer he had smeared the night before, declared ACORN a socialist organization working to destroy, then recreate the American economy, and baselessly suggested that Obama is actively involved.

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June 21, 2009

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  1. grumpytees says:

    Oh boy, are these guys trying to “forever tarnish the reputation” of a drunken rodeo clown? At the bottom of page 103 “Glenn Beck’s Common Sense” say that they will try to do this.
    The President may not be ACTIVELY calling the shots but you can bet that he is involved…this is HIS organization.

  2. NukeHaze says:

    There was no failure, unless you mean the dissolution of the ACORN Soviet Socialists. I chose not to use its acronym. It is unbelievable how justified his shows and views become with left wing hate monger blogger retaliations that further promote his necessity of presence in society to remind us that there still is hope for our country and our children by not abandoning the Constitution such as has been done by such “Progressives” as the squirrel food group.

  3. Ed Poline says:

    Glen should start checking congress members to see who was in the SDS. I saw Schumer going to the ACORN party, and thought he was a member. Turns out he was vehemently against the SDS and all they stood for. So why is he hanging out with the former members now? They have the same views they did in the 60’s. And why is he accepting awatds from them? We already know about Waters and Rush. Two members of congress who are anti -American commies. How the hell do they get elected? I remember the SDS well. They said they would infiltrate the unions. I laughed. They did. The said they would infiltrate academia and btainwash students into becoming commies. I laughed. They did. They said they would infiltrate our financial institutions and collapse the econmy. I laughed. They did. Now Obama, one of their brainwashees is President. I ain’t laughing. This guy wants what the commies want. Unemployment to go through the roof, so we all have to depend on the government.

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