Michele Bachmann: Too Much Even for Glenn Beck

It appears that there actually is a point at which you can even out-bonkers Glenn Beck! Bachmann starts up her “OMGZ! THE INTERNMENT CAMPZ” spiel. Beck starts shaking his head in disbelief, and then just shuts her down, mid-thought! Is that a bridge too far for Glenn Beck, who runs the most realistic Doom Room in Cable news?

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June 26, 2009

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Comments (4)

  1. another07041776 says:

    I saw that excerpt; GB and Rep. Bachmann discussed the ludicrous, intrusive ACORN census questionnaire, and Bachmann recalled that pre-WW2 census info was used to identify Japanese-Americans, who were, of course, later interned. My interpretation is that Glenn’s reaction was a frustrated disbelief about how even the census has been perverted by the current Administration.

  2. Bill Crowley says:

    I have no idea what the Fascist US Government will ask, As with Bachman, I will give the number of residents and where I live. I will not risk the $100 fine nor give a false answers to a question which is a felony, Title 18 sec 1001 among others. I will invoke my rights under the 5th Amendment to refuse to answer any additional questions.

  3. another07041776 says:

    I posted a second message yesterday, which the moderator apparently deleted. The reason is obvious: the message revealed to visitors of this website that, although the URL implies a connection with the Glenn Beck program, it is a misrepresentation, a palming off of the registrant’s site as an affiliated service of the GB program. Additionally, the “Glenn Beck Twitter Page” link found under “Blogroll” in the frame on the right side of the screen is registered to Brian Lakamp, aka the “Real” GB.

  4. Dusty Rhodes says:

    For all the talk about what is going wrong with our country and our economy, almost everyone misses the most important point. The dirty culprit is our income tax system. Without an Income Tax. Obama could not have been elected.
    His presidential campaign clearly told us that 95% of voters under his administration would not get tax increases…that was using our income tax systeem to buy votes, pure and simple.

    Socialism cannot exist without an income tax. The Founding Fathers knew what they were doing by prohibiting an income tax in our constitution. They had the foresight to know how unscrupulous politicians could use an income tax to manipulate the voters and our economic system.

    There is a solution to this problem if we act before it is too late. It is called the FairTax plan that would abolish the IRS and the Income Tax and also repeal the 16th Amendment. This plan has been introduced in congress for many years,
    but has never been given serious attention by the news media.

    Their website describes the plan in great detail.


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