Glenn Beck: Who’s the lying sack of dog mess now?

The story that just won’t go away — Amtrak-gate. Glenn’s appearance on The View turned into a debacle when Whoopi and Barbara called Glenn a liar and repeatedly scolded him to ‘check his facts’. Perhaps Barbara should take a bit of her own advice, because thanks to some investigative journalism by Scott Baker (Breitbart TV and The B-Cast) it looks like Glenn was (gasp) telling the truth!

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June 3, 2009

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  1. Linda Divkinson says:

    Oh no, image Barbara Walters not checking her own facts. Oh my! Well now Glenn maybe we should be kind to the elderly…She simply forgot to make her “research department” do HER job for her.

  2. Sandy says:

    Who would have thought anybody on the the liberal “view” could have not known their facts. This bit of info does not surprise me at all and the fact that Beck knew what he was talking did not surprise me either. Only those with something hide concoct lies, myths, halftruths, and make up numbers and statistics and rattle them off on a whim.

    The view is liberal and so are its members, for the most part. I never watch it and I do not intend to start.

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