Glenn Beck Threatens A Florescent Light Bulb ;-)

FOX’s Glenn Beck Threatens A Florescent Light Bulb ;-) – 06/30/09

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June 30, 2009

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  1. BrendaWilson says:

    Hey Glenn I have been with you ever since you were on the other channel after Nancy Grace and was very upset they let you go. I am so happy you are here at Fox. Now to my delemna I am one of those people who feel we are at our last chance before we are in the holocaust. I have found absolute truth that just like Hitler came to power n Germany by forged documents that he was born there so has Barack Obama. I feel that you are the only voice crying in the wilderness and yes you are right and are the only one that reports the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. So be of good courage we will overcome hopefully sooner then later. Well if you want to scream by all means do so and I will join you. Well I digress good bye for now and God bless.

  2. Glen Cross says:

    Glenn, Stu’s mailbox is full. Please find my email with Subject line: Bilderberger Group. Please read this email, you may find a answer to your question “why is this happening” to America.

  3. A Florescent Light Bulb? CHECK the warning labels!
    Disposal instructions for poisoneous substances!!!
    Feed it to them – and dispose.

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