Glenn Beck: Another incorrect scientific consensus

How many times can scientists be completely wrong about things they are completely certain about. The surprising part of this story is how they figured it out — was it a huge study? Did the UN create some panel that looked it over for years? Nope. A couple guys got together and compared notes. If it’s that easy to overturn a consensus, Glenn should just invite Al Gore to dinner and see what happens!

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June 22, 2009

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  1. NukeHaze says:

    People with strong education in science should be much more skeptical about where these scientific “epiphanies” originate and upon what they are founded. I was a Physics major and therefore was able to explore many facets in science and even in the classroom, it is easy to see how baseless some of these “political science” theories are and how politically motivated many of them are. We are SUPPOSED to learn to think for ourselves, come up with our own ideas, analyze data, and come up with likely, never absolute, conclusions. There is never more than one absolute in the universe at any given time and we seem to be bombarded with tons of them. One thing I thought was pretty funny was how some astronomers came out with a mathematical projection of the orbit of Mercury and that if we don’t do something about it, it will crash into Earth as its orbit radically changes in 4 billion years. It’s so funny because the sun is supposed to go nova in about 100 million years destroying the solar system anyway. If these same astronomers remembered that, or if the reporting journalist actually listened to the whole story (at this point, it is hard to tell which), they might have continued with that other big projection. I just cannot imagine a well educated astronomer or astrophysicist making such a slip up but then again, we recall that problem with the Mars lander that had a units conversion error with these super scientists not having done the basic math unit conversions and seeing this issue with the redundantly redundant triplechecking of everything, procedural and especially systems programming including mathematics, especially given that they had several months while the probe was en route to Mars to make sure it would land alright and not create a new crater to study on the red planet like it did.

  2. Exactly so!
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