Beck Reads ‘The Letter’ On Air (VIDEO)

Today Glenn Beck read a listener’s email that was sent to him actually by accident. Beck had her on the radio today and, after having read it aloud on the air yesterday, told her he would like to air it on his show tonight.

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June 17, 2009

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  1. Jan Willard says:

    I love the letter and it is exactly the way I feel !!!!!!!
    I too am fed up with the government sticking their nose in everything. We elect those people to work and look out for us and the U.S. not for themselves or to line their own pockets.Obama does not represent me I did not vote for him. Michelle said for the first time she was proud to be an American, I am almost not proud to be @ this point. In regard to the firing of the Inspector General
    I ‘ve seen Ted Kennedy seem to be out of it and confused at times, I don’t see him being fired.

    God bless that Inspector General.

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