March to Socialism – Taxing the Rich

You will never believe it but taxing the rich policy is not working in Maryland. The millionaires are leaving. Wait, what? No way! Since when did they care about losing hundreds of thousands of dollars — they can afford it!

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May 15, 2009

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  1. JeffInMiamiBch says:

    Unlike France our revolution was for all the people. We did not want to take anything from anyone but provide something for everyone. The constitution was written that way. There is no difference in the law to the rights of a rich man or a poor man. Class warfare is garbage, but then again so is our tax structure.

    Let’s say you took out a credit line on your house a few years ago. That money is not taxable because it was borrowed. Now that you are looking at bankruptcy you will not pay back the money and thanks to the new IRS they will not charge you for the income from the borrowed transaction (which makes sense since there is no longer any money). Our taxes are unfair and need to be changed to a VAT tax.

    All peole should be taxed the exact same way!

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