How To Curtail the Federal Beast

Judge Andrew Napolitano talks about how we can stop the out of control monster that is the federal government

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May 15, 2009

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  1. JeffInMiamiBch says:

    You named it correctly on your Friday show the civilized war. July 4th we need a Tea Party in Washington DC. We need a meeting greater than that on Forrest Gump. We need to have literally millions show up. This is without national sponsors. We need each person to bring the tag of a tea bag. Just one tag and each person to place their tag in a box with their name on it, each person will then been stamped so that we have an accurate count of people who attend. Our target needs to be 400,000 minimum, the number that attended the million man march, which Obama worked on.

    Our approach needs to be the 5 or 10 items that we demanded from the government. The one thing that I would like to know is if the cap and trade is bull why is it going to be passed. I as a tax payer demand details of the closing of GITMO and National Healthcare. Neither have any step by step details. Cuba Gooding Jr. said it best “Show me the MONEY”.

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