Glenn Beck: Up in the Air

There is so much is going on right now that I’m not even sure what to focus on anymore. Do you feel that way?

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May 14, 2009

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  1. JeffInMiamiBch says:

    Mr. Beck, I often feel that way but to start moving forward again there are two distinct approaches. The first method is attack the easiest thing first. This is the stretching before the marathon. Sort of like getting to where you just break out in a sweat before starting to run. Though I personally am more like you on diet and exercise, intellectually I understand stretching before the race but since I have not trained for a marathon I personally prefer the second method.

    This is to choose the 400 lb gorilla in the room and go at it. That issue is, Obama is doing everything he can to stage a new emergency, this one is that to fix the budge we need to spend more money on National Healthcare. He already has carved out $100 billion borrowed bucks to start National Healthcare. We have not heard how this will work (or not work). We have no details. We need to demand details, NOW.

    By attacking the largest issue first it is attacking the single thing that matters most. Comparing the National Healthcare to say Pelosi being less than honest, in the long run Pelosi really doesn’t matter. Her supporter will call the CIA liars no matter what they do, her detractors will call her a liar and it will have the same affect Chris Dodd getting special deals from banks, Barney Frank’s friend running a brothel out of his house, Acorn registering dead people or the Social Security Administration paying millions to dead people. These in the scheme of things only matter to those who demand transparency, justice, and have that crazy notion that people whose job it is to serve us should be done without personal benefit.

    Let’s face it Pelosi’s water boarding issue is less important in the long run to her securing $30 million for San Fran. in ear marks. Just because she is a lying, Botox enhanced, self absorbed, somewhat insane woman, she is not as big a problem as National Healthcare that will ultimately kill, maim or cause pain to more Citizens than Stalin did after WWII. National Healthcare is the battle everything else is a side show that even if resolved will not change anything. Corruption will continue, both sides of the isle has more skeletons buried than in Arlington Cemetery.

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