Glenn Beck: March to Socialism – Taxing the Rich

You will never believe it but taxing the rich policy is not working in Maryland. The millionaires are leaving. Wait, what? No way! Since when did they care about losing hundreds of thousands of dollars — they can afford it!

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May 15, 2009

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  1. JeffInMiamiBch says:

    Please tell them to come to Florida, we want them. Raising corp. income taxes only sends more jobs to India. Look at their stock market today. 6% growth while most of the world is suffering. I know of 3 companies sending their phone support to India just to stay in business. This is nothing but Carter 2.0 or Reduxed to 2109.

    Then making contract law not the law of the land doesn’t help either. Our laws are supposed to be blind. Now it is blind unless the Federal Government interferes. As long as they have their weapons IRS, SEC audits and the “Bully Pulpit” they can do whatever they want.

    Carter should be basking in the glory. He was the most recent one to try these policies.

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