Glenn Beck: I don’t want them punished with a baby!

In Sweden they now say it’s okay to have an abortion if you don’t get the gender baby you desire. Glenn solicits calls from only those pro-choice members of the audience and gets several amazing people who say they think abortion is murder, but still remain pro-choice…

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May 14, 2009

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  1. JeffInMiamiBch says:

    I have always been against abortion but have never been militant but then again I have never been considered a terrorist by DHS before either. This is just wrong and it is so wrong that I feel it is time to say something to those that matter.

    I realize we are on the cusp of having designer babies. These babies will be ordered with blue eyes, brown hair, IQ of 152 etc. But if Darwin is correct (though it is just a theory on many levels it seems to make some sense) this will eventually lead to problems like China having too many men, because they aborted all their women babies. That is a great plan if you plan to be gay but that is not so good if you want a wife, children etc.

    Social engineering will not work in the long term. There are people like Sara Palin whose faith is strong enough to take the bad with the good. She represents an informed woman that practices what she preaches. That is very unique in life and as rare in politics as an M&M at a Weight Watchers meeting.

  2. Jeff Maxwell says:

    It is amazing that in a civil society that we have come to the point where the value of human life has been cheapened so.

    Thanks for keep up the fight Glenn.

    Jeff Maxwell
    Port St. Lucie, FL

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