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April 24, 2009

Posted by: admin

Categories: Featured

Comments (39)

  1. Hi Mr. Beck. I’ve been following your news for some time and think yiou are very brave as a journo.

    This popped up in my twitter and I think it would make a good show for you? Important.

    Scary times.


  2. Conservative woman says:

    Finally, a news guy with bigger cachonies than Hannity – Way to GO!

    Can’t stand and can’t trust our “so-called” leaders.

  3. Mike Linn says:

    Good to see someone actually speaking their mind instead of saying what the government wants us to hear. I have become a avid watcher of Fox News and your show. All Americans need to start speaking our minds, LOUDLY, CLEARLY AND PUBLICLY

  4. Gary Miller says:

    Mr. Beck,
    We pledge our loyalty to your Constitutionalist Army bent on ending the thugocracy that is overtaking our Govt. Your reporting is vital to keeping citizens alert and vigilant to a master plan that is evolving in Our Republic. The 5000 Year Leap and Common Sense will arm our army with the history needed to defeat this techo-savvy force. Keep us focused and pointed in the right directions.

  5. Mike5662 says:

    Hang in there Glenn. You are definitely making a difference and your growing Watchdog organization is going to put this run-away government in check.

  6. crazymf50 says:

    Hello Mr. Beck. Really get a kick out of your show, entertaining and educational. You must have one very large following because not 5 minutes after you put up the Whitehouse and the Senate switchboard numbers I got an “all lines are busy” responce.

  7. cdamba says:

    My husband was stationed in South Korea in 1978-1970. The family had the privilege of going with him. There was no welfare or healthcare for the people other than what they could afford. The citizens paid for their children to go to school. Parents took going to school very seriously there. If you did not have family and couldn’t work, you begged on the street with your head down toward the street in shame. I would think to myself, “How lucky the people of the US are to have the government that we have.” However, the government has gone too far. We are heavily in debt. Does anyone wonder why China is so willingly to let us borrow so much money? Our spending is weakening us from within and eventually I fear that we all will be speaking Mandrian Chinese. Look at the Asian
    Currency Crash of 1997-1998…it started in Taiwan and spread all over Asia (except China who did not float their money). It went from Asia to Russia and from Russia to Brazil. I believe that Taiwan was doing a lot of what we are right now…printing fiat money. We can’t have everything that we want. We have got to first contain our spending, balance the budget and then do something about healthcare and stop worry about global warming. Balance the budget first – cut out the fat and then see what needs to be done. If we do not do that, this country is vulnerable to economic and political problems beyond Congress’ wildest dreams. Thanks for all you do.

  8. Sheila Smith says:

    Mr. Beck thank you for helping give a voice to those that don’t seem to have one. I have always tried to participate in my government and local organizations. But I never realized until recently that I could be doing more. So I have begun writing my congressmen and I have a copy of the healthcare bill and have attempted to read it, but just like you it drove me nuts trying to figure out what they were saying. Also, I live in a village (Baxterville, Mississippi) that recently used some of the stimulus money. You will never believe what our supervisors had to spend it on = curbs. We have one store, and one cafe and at least six or so curbs now. I and the rest of the people in my area are still trying to understand the reason for them. You should google my town’s name and you will find other government things that have happened here that make no sense.

    I am a huge fan and hope you will keep the faith and know that God is well pleased.

  9. Linda E! says:

    Dear Glenn,
    I am becoming a fan of your show, as well as the other programs: Sean Hannity, The O’Rielly Factor, Huckabee & Greta Van Soustran (pardon my spelling) you report the facts! Were as main stream media glosses over reports. Since I’ve been watching your show, I have become more engaged in politics. I am in the process of reading H.3200 the 1,017 page document! I am planning to attend a town hall meeting, and hopefully film the event. I am not for thus bill, but as a documentary filmaker, I will present both sides. I hope I am allowed will be contacting Congressman Stephen Lynch office (Boston, MA) for access.

    Will let you know how it goes. Thank you for standing up for the American people and not caving in as the main stream media has so many times. You and the folks at FOX are passionate, professional, fair and balanced.

    Please keep up the fight!

    Linda E!
    Boston, MA

  10. Anderson Whitely says:

    Okay Glenn- I’m dying here over the sponsers “thingy”. Aside from the very idea that they might make a profit! by advertising on your extremely popular show; I just have to laugh about it. I started listening to you here in Ohio about 5 years ago on WHLO radio: I’m a fan!!
    Gee, I didn’t realize that an Independent thinker like you had a “political” program, here I just thought it was about the truth… silly me. Bye-bye Walmart, may the homeless return all of your carts.

  11. Thomas Sullivan says:

    Your message is getting through. the American people will not become slaves of the government as Obama would like. Keep upi the good work.


  12. Marcie Free says:

    Hi Glenn,
    Huge fan… for me shopping at Walmart is like hitting myself in the knee with a ball peen hammer. I don’t do it! Nor do I plan to EVER. Especially now knowing that they and other cowardly corporations bow and kneel to their Jessie Jackson like masters. I would gladly support their competition who don’t, just to spite them. God bless. Oops I revealed myself as a an angry mob, racist, gun toting hate monger and said the G word. Oh well… if the “Christ” fits!


  13. marine02xx says:

    When did you here Jackson or any other “master” call a movement against Glen Beck? You haven’t but you sure wish you did. Conservatives are running out of people to attack to the throw a name into the morning Right Wing talking points mush bowl and fling it into the eyes and ears of their uneducated base in the trailer parks and back woods. Lets face it…Beck is a corporate puppet. I guess you will boycott Geico and Warren Buffet too huh? You think you are going to hurt WAL-MART??? There enough trailer park champs that will keep that get-up afloat. Fox News will drop him like a hot potato and he will end up like Limbaugh; another cooperate media wh@re. That’s how the Right Wing cooperation treats its employees. I love the free market system!!! YEEEHAAAAW!

  14. Bruce Nottingham says:

    Please turn down the back ground music such as was played today when you exposed Van Jones. Some of us older types have a hard time hearing your comments over the music
    Thanks, keep up the good work

  15. Luchapresidenta says:

    I’m so proud to became american and so gratefull that we have in the news people like you, I just talked to somebody was telling that ukrania was better than this country and I told him, go there and live there, you will making us a favor.
    thanks Glenn to be who you are and try to wake us up about this mightmare

  16. Wendy Miller says:

    I’m a newbie to twitter, but want to get my voice heard! Thank you Glenn for trying to make us aware of the things we Americans need to know to stay a land of the free & a home of the brave! God bless America!

  17. Andrea Dymek says:

    http://www.wnd.com/index.php?fa=PAGE.view&pageId=108604 i hope glenn reports on this issue soon!

  18. Cary Dowdy says:

    I dont realy see why Obama has a problem with being called a racist. If the shoe fits , wear it. He said he was to be judged by the company he kept. I am proud at least that George W. wasnt this big of a baby. I did not agree with Bush on everything, but he could take it like a man.

  19. Sheryl Cox says:

    Glen, I thank God for individuals like yourself who not only remember what America was once like, but who is willing to stand up and call us to action in saving what’s left of it! Stay on the path and be safe. We’re with you!

  20. Gary says:

    We have a large oak tree and would like to know.what we do to clear our name. Acorn trees every where are inraged.

  21. Squrrel says:

    Kansas Squrrel Enraged, R.J. Squrrel need lawyer to represent his acorn tree in law suit. There beloved acorn trees have been slandered in acorn scandel.

  22. Sheryl Cox says:

    Everyone should be made aware of this frightening development: http://bit.ly/Vu29S

    Is is too late?

  23. Nancy Mar says:

    http://bit.ly/3nxAUA The End of ACORN- Thanks Mr. Glenn Beck. Thank you Sir.

  24. PizzaPam says:

    Am I doing something wrong? The Glenn Beck News tweets never include any link to the article they are tweeting about. For instance, one says “the following story” and “video embeds” but, neither are there.

  25. Monty Lee says:

    Keep up the good work. Please give updates on Acorn, especially the funding. Is there any truth to the rumor that Acorn is still receiving taxpayer funds because no bill has yet been agreed to by Congress and thus it is not signed into law (i.e. they are still getting our money)?

  26. GhostOnTheWater says:

    I want to know why people and computers and phones are being attacked. Is it because we’ve been reading the Health Care bills?

  27. MIKE T says:

    Can we not come up with a way that when a bill is written that it is written in plain english so all people across the country can understand what they are trying to pass in congress.I see that 90% of the time our congress are telling each other (oh thats not what the bill says) does anyone get what I mean.We need some type of translation board to tell even our congressmen what is in these bills because they read them and they don’t even know between themselves what the language is and how to interpret how it is written

  28. Jay says:

    Glenn, God Bless you! Keep on keeping on! The Truth will set us free!

  29. Richard says:

    This is so funny. The site is soliciting comments in hopes of getting everyone to trash Glenn, but everyone seems to love him and his mission. Rock on, Mr. Beck!

  30. Sandi says:

    I’m with the other poster, we see the “teaser headline” but no link to the full story. Please correct your site.
    Glenn, there is a radio talk show host on Sirius, I once admired, but he is so jealous of your success I can’t listen to him any longer. I had to turn him off tonight, it was so bad.

    Glenn, You have a talent for breaking events down to its simplist form so people can understand what is happening. You have presence, You are a futurist, but you are so down to earth that we all feel you are one of us. Thanks Glenn, take care of yourself

  31. June Marshall says:

    You do so much to help America and lead her down the RIGHT Path! You know the TRUTH, speak the truth and Love America the way we remember her. Thank you so much for telling it ‘as it is’ when you speak on radio and TV. How can we get that person who calls himself ‘president of the United States’ to act like a President who presides over the United States and her people, to speak up and for America? Everything (the loss of American jobs, the loss of our rights and freedoms should this Health Care bill go through, not showing patriotism and respecting it as a president should, etc.) is so demoralizing and degrading to America. How is trying to have total control over the people the American Way? (His song should be “Under My Thumb”). It seems the more he does for this country, all of which costs oodles of $$$, is bankrupting US more. If this continues, I hope and pray America will not be owned by a foreign country. That is what it looks like he and his administration is doing and it will someday soon happen if this democratic malaki continues down this wrong path. It has to stop for the sake of America.

  32. Kee says:

    Question: Do Czars need security clearances.
    If so—by whom?

  33. Joe Wells says:

    We need to push for a national vote on healthcare. We see all the polls, CNN shows the majority for it, FOX shows the majority against it. Well lets get the truth, have congress write it, post it, and then set a national vote to see who is really right.

  34. To Glenn Beck
    Location New York City
    Web http://www.glennb...
    Bio Sometimes I feel like i am living a dream, other times like I am in a Hitchcock film but when I am with Tania and the kids, I feel happy and whole”.:o)

    Hi Glenn; They call me flipa’ flipa’ flipa’; im shiny new follower # 17, of your Following of 168,817 on TWITTER.

    I’m a former radio and TV investigative broadcast journalist & founder of Y.oung E.arth S.cience. My webmaster, staff, lawyers, & doctors etc. have an A with the BBB after 25 yrs of building our legal & medical access network.. Here’s what we’re laughing about on Augusta Chronicle Forums about the snow, N. GA up.
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    National Guard of the Year Nom.

    Thank you for the GIFT you’re giving our Guys & Gals World Wide…

    National Guard of the Year Nom.

    Thank you for the GIFT you’re giving our Guys & Gals World Wide…

  35. John McLoone says:

    Though You would fine this interesting cc2009.org

  36. stella campbell says:

    Glenn, I was wondering when the banks pay back the bailout money does it go towards our deficit or does the gov. respend it? You are doing a great job

  37. George Kittredge says:

    I was informed by my daughters boyfriend that Thomas College in Maine was showing a slam foxnews video to the students in the government business class. The video was saying that fox was bias and misinforming people about government issues.

    Just thought you would like to know’

  38. Scottie Wood says:

    Glenn, I watch your program everyday. I won’t miss it unless I have to.

    Please take care of yourself. I worry about you because you’re the only one in the country who has the nerve to expose the progressives for what they are.

    God bless you and keep you, Glenn.

  39. Just Thinking says:

    was the “racial slurs” chatted on health care day set-up in advance?


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